Best in Sheffield

After extensive research we saw that there was a need for a reliable and responsible technology repair center in Sheffield. As a result of this GEEK-MAN was born. With our promise of affordable and reliable repairs all covered by our 90 day warranty we aim to be the only shop worth mentioning when it comes to helping with and fixing your technology.

Who are we?

With over 30 years combined experience our experts have seen it all and done it all and keep coming back for more. Technology is a wonderful thing until it stops working. At which point you need someone to put that wonder back into your devices. That is who we are, The people who make technology wonderful again.


No matter the damage to your device we will get it up and running again wether it be a just a dead battery to full submersion in water our experts have the knowledge and ability to fix most items usually within the same day


There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to understanding your technology so please feel free to call 0114 249 8000 and ask us anything you wish about your devices useage or set up.